Uncompromisingly committed to our profession

Model merchandising is more than finishes, fabrics and furnishings. It requires a practiced hand and professional knowledge to achieve the desired result. That is where Model Interiors provides a unique and strategic advantage to its clients.

Our creative team of John and Shelley Biever believe that as a builder you deserve the talent that you hire to be the ones working on your project from initial consultation through on site installation. This means that Model Interiors doesn't employ other interior designers to do the work. John and Shelley will be the only creative staff working on your project, so no details are ever lost in translation. Our support staff consists of team members whose role it is is to ensure that your project installs within your budget, with no additional fees or charges and on time. What's more, John and Shelley bring the added design specializations and interests in such areas as art history, architecture and construction to your project.

As a result of these unique abilities and perspectives, you see the distinctiveness of our skills in the work we produce for you.