Apartments worth living in

From urban professionals to empty nesters, apartment living is increasingly seen as an attractive alternative to homeownership. Model Interiors is able to create living environments that reflect the permanence and style that today’s residents are looking for.

Our well-practiced art and proven methodologies allow us to create interiors that showcase the floor plans, features and other strengths of your apartments.

Whether your units are part of a renovation, new construction or a refresh of an existing complex, Model Interiors is able to enhance the desirability of your properties – increasing occupancy and improving the overall living experience of residents.

Clubhouses - A place to gather
Transform apartment complexes into communities by making your clubhouse a place worth going to. Model Interiors is able to do just that with our unique ability to create spaces that reflect the taste and style of residents.

From traditional to themed, to multi-use spaces, our interior design plans bring people together. So your clubhouse actually becomes the heart of your apartment community – a place to gather, to interact, to enjoy the company of others or simply get away from it all.

In the process, you bring greater warmth, vitality and value to your property.