Model merchandising is our specialty

From the paint color to the artwork to the furniture to the soft goods, to the composition of each room – every room in every home we merchandise is as distinctive as the homes you build. That's because each project presents its own unique issues.

It's what makes Model Interiors so good at what we do.

Research and Planning
Our complete model merchandising services reflects this approach. From the very start, we review your model home – either in the planning stage or during construction – noting its strengths and weaknesses. We evaluate the characteristics of your clientele – their style, their preferences, their aspirations.

Then drawing on our extensive experience, historic perspectives and proven understanding of effective merchandising techniques, we provide the builder with a well thought out interior design plan.

Design Execution
Time is of the essence – and so is cost. We understand this only too well. Our interior designs are executed with the assistance of a carefully selected group of specialists to provide custom-created furniture, soft goods and artwork used in our models. Each element is selected specifically with your model in mind.

Under Model Interiors direct supervision, your model home is flawlessly executed to meet the specifications of the design – and the timelines established.

The Opening
The excitement, the anticipation, the expectation – quickly you see the response to the work we've done. From comments overheard, to body language, to sales made – our model merchandising results in success.

Vignetted Homes
For some, less is more. At Model Interiors, we are happy to assist clients in creating "vignetted homes." This means sparsely populating rooms with minimalist objects of daily living – pairs of chairs, an area rug, tableware and the like. While not as effective as full-service model merchandising, it is a good alternative to an empty model.

Re-use Merchandising
While Model Interiors prides itself on our distinctive interior designs and the custom-created elements used to create them, we also understand that some builders prefer the use of existing furnishings in their models. As such, Model Interiors will photograph, measure and catalog each of the items on hand for inclusion in projects. They might also be combined with new soft goods, artwork and other accessories to give them fresh appeal.

Before and After